Truveo Video Manager

Truveo Video Manager 1.0

Search videos from various databases worldwide


  • Dozens of results for any topic you search


  • Basic and poor graphics
  • Linear navigation of contents

Not bad

Truveo Video Manager lets you search for online videos about any topic you want. Simply type a keyword in the search bar to instantly have access to YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion, MSN Videos, CNN, CNBC and many more video databases.

Although you might get an extensive number of results, these are really not very well organised. They are not displayed as thumbnails, nor divided between content providers for example, the way you navigate through them is very slow indeed, as you can display just two videos at a time and you browse through them by pressing the 'next' buttonfound in the top of the frame.
The first time you use the program, you don’t even notice how many videos there are available as the relative indicator is written in blue on a blue background.
Then you see 'video 2 of 100' at the top-right part of you screen and you realize that thankfully there’s more for you to see.
Although you can’t download the videos and there is no way to navigate through them in a non linear way, Truveo Video Manager lets you see hundreds of clips about any subject you want by using a simple searching tool.

Truveo Video Manager is an desktop application that lets you search videos from not one but various video databases worldwide. It gets you the latest videos from Youtube, MYSPACE, Dailymotion, MSN Videos, CNN, CNBC and many more.

Truveo Video Manager


Truveo Video Manager 1.0

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